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We are the liaison between the community and good health!

Healthy Hints

elk grove healthy supplimentsAs the seasons change we are blessed with the newly harvested fruits and vegetables such as delicious apples, pears, pumpkins and squash. These are only a few of the most beautiful, colorful and nutritional foods that canĀ fill our horn of plenty.

The farmers are thrilled and so are we at Elk Grove Vitamins to announce all the spring vitamins locked inside of these awesome food sources. Once again we can thank our farmers and farmers markets for providing these sensations for our pallet and for our health. We consider the farmers markets our natures storehouses because they are one of the best ways to insure that what we eat is either organic or very close to it which helps us to rest assured that the farmers go to great lengths to provide us with healthy produce full of nutrients from rich soil right in our local area.

elk grove vitaminsSpring always arrives with the seasons best greens, such as spinach, kale, zucchini, cabbage, peppers and numerous varieties of leafy vegetables just to name a few. Take a minute to learn about the differences between these colorful wonders.

We have passed onto you a wealth of information from the Farmers Markets website: http://www.california-grown.com. Please visit it to find ways of shopping for, cooking, preserving, dehydrating and just choosing the right varieties of fruits and vegetables for you and your family.

We consider ourselves the liaison between the community and good health so come in and see us for all your

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